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Comprehensive Eye examination

Dr. Patel will determine an eyeglass prescription after discussing with you what your lifestyle and visual demands are. No-line bifocals, computer vision glasses, or prescription sunglasses are some of the options available.


Contact Lens Evaluations:

A trial pair of contacts will be dispensed to the patient and evaluation of vision, comfort, and proper fitting of the lenses is performed.  Biomicroscopy of the eyes to make sure no infection, irritation, or lack of oxygen exists due to contact lens wear. All contact lens patients are also given a prescription for glasses and advised to always have a back-up pair at home.

Our office fits a wide variety of soft contact lenses to suit our patients’ visual & lifestyle needs. We fit all the major brands of lenses in daily, bi-weekly, and monthly modalities:

  •                 Spherical Lenses
  •                 Toric/Astigmatism Lenses
  •                 Monovision / Multifocal Lenses for those patients over the age of 40
  •                 For new wearers: a one-on-one instruction on how to insert and remove the lenses is provided



Dilation is recommended for all new patients at our office.  Eye drops are put in that temporarily cause near vision blur for 3-4 hours.  Distance is usually unaffected for most patients. This allows Dr. Patel to evaluate the medical health of the eye to rule out common ocular disorders such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and many more.  Most eye diseases do not have symptoms and are only detected through a detailed retinal evaluation.  If you haven’t been dilated before we do recommend bringing a driver on the day of your exam.


Medical Office Visits – Dr. Patel is therapeutically licensed to diagnose and treat a variety of eye disease such as conjunctivitis (pink eye), iritis, dry eye syndrome, allergic conjunctivitis, and many other infections.  She can prescribe topical as well as oral medications to treat these disorders and we accept many medical insurance plans for these visits.


Are you a Diabetic?

Did you know that diabetes can cause ocular complications? Bleeding along the blood vessels of the eye can occur with diabetes as well as high blood pressure and is more common than your think.  Annual exams and dilation are highly recommended for these patients.  A detailed medical history centered on your sugar control & evaluation of any bleeding or swelling is evaluated during the dilation.  After discussion with the patient on all findings a letter is sent to his/her primary care doctor to inform them of the results of the exam.